Conference venue

IWSP-2019 will take place in Trzebnica, a little town located among the picturesque moraine Trzebnica Hills (locally called Cat Mountains) around 25 km north of Wrocław. Trzebnica is rich in historic monuments, among them the impressive Basilica founded at the beginning of 13th century by Henryk Brodaty (Henry the Bearded) and his wife, St. Hedwig. The Basilica of Trzebnica with its admirable interior decorations dating back from 17th and 18th centuries and the adjacent baroque Cistercian monastery attract thousands of pilgrims and tourists from the whole Europe. The nearby Barycz Valley with nursery ponds creates one of the most valuable world ecosystems − a true paradise for enthusiasts of nature, especially renowned among birdwatchers community.

The workshop will be hosted at Hotel Trzebnica. The conference venue is beautifully situated next to three ponds in a calm recreational area of the town (interactive map available here). The surrounding grounds of a former health resort, which include the Beech Forest, are ideal for biking, nording walking, jogging or just a leisurely walk. An aquapark is also located nearby the hotel.